International Co-operation

International Co-operation
Published:2017-06-02 Hits:316
In recent years, the School of Public Health has proactively expanded international exchanges and cooperation in terms of periodical student exchanges, scholar visits and scientific research with medical schools and relevant institutions in several countries like the U.S., Australia, Canada and Japan. We have also signed MoUs with these institutions. 
In order to promote communication and exchange of ideas with world-class scientific research institutions in the health area, our school actively sets up funds programs such as “Public Health Academic Lectures”, which invites famous international distinguish experts and scholars to deliver lectures. In terms of talent cultivation, our school also strives to establish a talent development base with well-known international universities and colleges. We also select excellent teachers and send them for overseas trainings to improve our education and research qualities. 
In collaboration with Sydney Medical School of the University of Sydney, our school has developed summer educational tour programs to expand the students’ international vision. These programs last for six to eight weeks, and consist of language and public health courses. Students have the opportunity to learn about current trends and progress in the field of public health via different modules, besides learning English skills. Moreover, they are trained on various skill sets through international pedagogy techniques. 

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