The Latest Research Findings of Professor Cai Yong’s Team from School of Public Health Published in Wen Hui Bao
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        The latest research findings announced by Professor Cai Yong’s team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Public Health, was published in Wen Hui Bao on December 1st, entitled "Psychosocial Interventions: A New Focus of AIDS Prevention and Control for Men Who Have Sex with Men." The team believes that: due to the lack of psychosocial interventions and some other reasons, men who have sex with men (MSM) have become such a group of people who have the highest risk of HIV infection. It has become a new focus in AIDS prevention and control work in our country, which is in urgent need of concern.


        In recent years, Professor Cai Yong’s Team has conducted a questionnaire, covering 547 17~65-year-old MSM from four districts of Shanghai. Shown by the survey, the HIV infection rate of the subjects was 6.8%. Psychosocial factors are significantly correlated with the number of MSM’s partners. The subjects with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, loneliness and low social support are more likely to get infected. It is noteworthy that the educational level of the subjects is generally high, however, the influence of knowledge to behavior is very limited. Their behavior is more deeply affected by environmental and psychosocial factors. This group of people need more social support, psychological intervention or even negotiation and persuasion skills related to safety precautions.


        Additionally, Professor Cai Yong’s team has also cooperated with Professor Liu Dehui from Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Public Health and Primary Health. The research, which took the lead in choosing Chinese transgender population as a target, firstly elaborated Chinese transgender MSM’s high HIV infection rate and high-risk behavior. The latest results of the research was recently published online in the famous journal " Journal of the International AIDS Society ".


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