Meeting on Appointment and Release of Dean of School of Public Health Held
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        On October 31, 2016, at 03:00 p.m., Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Public Health held a meeting on the appointment and release of the school Dean, in Meeting Room No. 408, 1st East Building, School of Medicine. Xianqun Fan, Party Secretary of School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Yu Meng, Head of School of Medicine’s Organization Department attended the meeting and gave speeches, while over 50 people, including Party and administrative leaders as well as faculty members from School of Public Health were present at the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Yu Meng.

        At the meeting, Yu Meng first read out the Official Document on Appointment and Release, which stated that after public recruitment, evaluation and issue of public notice, the School of Medicine’s Party Standing Committee has decided to appoint Hui Wang as Dean of School of Public Health (on 1year’s probation). As the incumbent Dean Zhijie Zheng’s term of office has expired, he would be released from office of Dean of School of Public Health. Yu Meng also introduced Hui Wang and provided attendees some basic information about her.

        Following this, Zhijie Zheng gave a speech, supporting the decision made by School of Medicine. He recalled his experiences as Dean of School of Public Health during the past 5 years with fondness, and expressed his sincere thanks to leaders and staff from School of Medicine for their continuous support. He also expressed his wish that everyone would support Hui Wang. He hoped that the School would hold on to every opportunity and would go on to make greater achievements under the new Dean’s leadership.

        The new dean Hui Wang then gave a speech. She first extended her thanks to leaders from School of Medicine for their trust, and thanked Zhijie Zheng for leading the faculty and enabling everyone to make great progress in the last few years. As she faced the new position and challenges, she expressed her confidence in developing the School of Public Health. Subsequently, she also conveyed that she would work diligently and continue to remain humble, and make full use of platform advantages that School of Medicine offers. She said that she would like to create a beautiful future together with all faculty members, and promote each aspect of School of Public Health to newer and greater heights.

        Later, Secretary Meijiao Qin addressed the attendees on behalf of leaders from School of Public Health. She said that all School of Public Health leaders firmly supported the Organization Department’s decision; she thanked the School of Medicine’s leaders for their efforts and support, and thanked Zhijie Zheng for his efforts and contribution in developing School of Public Health in the past 5 years. She also conveyed that all members of School of Public Health will unite together to contribute in constructing a “Double First-class” Medicine School.

        Finally, Xianqun Fan, School of Medicine’s Party Secretary delivered a speech. He pointed out that the change in Dean of School of Public Health was a normal procedure, which took place as the previous Dean’s term of office had expired. Final decision was made after public recruitment from domestic and overseas talent, followed by evaluation, and complete and prudent consideration, fully showcasing the efforts and attention of School of Medicine’s Party Committee to overall development of the School of Public Health’s leadership group.

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